The Classroom

My first week of classes I decided I was going to teach without a microphone.  This was difficult in the large open classrooms packed full of restless teenage bodies, but I wanted the freedom to wander the class and interact with the students with out being chained to the front by a cord. By the third week my good intentions were dashed when I realized that my students wouldn’t speak English without yelling. When I asked them why they looked at me confused; they were just trying to speak English the right way.

The next week I made sure I had a microphone.


Public school classrooms are generally the same in Thailand. Large concrete rooms, made to look small by the amount of desks shoved in them. One wall is covered with a classic green chalkboard, the others with chipping paint and fading graffiti in Thai and English. The desks are of a similar character- you would be surprised at the things Thai students can create with a bottle of Wite-out and a worn desk. But at least the majority of the graffiti seems to be in English- maybe they are learning something.









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