Chedi Yak


Sunday morning, after finally getting our house into some semblance of order, we set off on our motorbike to take some pictures and visit old sights in the city. Nakhon Si Thammarat, before becoming part of modern Thailand was the seat of an ancient Buddhist Kingdom known as Ligor. Nakhon is one of those cities that is a dynamic mix of ancient and modern. Ancient walls tour over a modern library and community park, and crumbling Buddhist temples are hidden away in alleys, guarded by soi dogs. One of the oldest and most prominent monuments in Nakhon is this lotus shaped Stupa, Chedi Yak, which  looks like a crooked blackened smokestack against the grey tiles of the Nakhon skyline.

We worked our way around the Stupa trying to get a straight picture (which was a fruitless task, the Stupa is hopelessly crooked) making out way towards the giant sitting Buddha, Luang Pho Ngoen, that accompanies it. We removed our shoes at the base of the stairs and walked up to the offering table covered with fake flowers and the stubs of burnt incense. As I worked my way around the offering table on my knees, trying to get a better shot of the buddha’s hand, flecked with gold leaf left be devotees, I looked down and stifled a scream. A human arm lay on the ground. Luckily, upon further investigation we found that a body was attached to it- a man lay asleep at the feet of the Buddha hidden under the offering table. We laughed quietly at the scare, took a few more shots and went on our way. Enjoy. -BH



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