The Old Wall

Our school sits right on the edge of the old city in Nakhon. From my desk under the leaky AC in the Foreign Language Department I can look out and see the old wall cutting a path through the city, edged in parks and monuments. I love living in a city where historic monuments are common place. Where I’m from, in the Western US, we get excited when we find things that are 200 years old. For me that’s really old. The wall out my window was first built around 1200 AD. That’s really, really, really old. Since that time it has been repaired and rebuilt at regular intervals depending on the needs of the city- but it still it boggles my mind that this wall has seen the rise and fall of 3 Thai kingdoms.

Last week we explored the north length of the wall from the Northern Gate, Prathu Chai Nua, through the park, and along the old moat that accompanies the wall.  The colors and textures are really fun, and it was a good lesson in lighting to work in the intense afternoon sun. -BH









4 thoughts on “The Old Wall

  1. Wow, that is a really interesting looking wall, very old with vibrant colors and texture. Your pictures capture that really well. Very nicely done!

  2. Nice! History rocks, I would love to be there. People create amazing things and it is so cool when it lasts for other generations to enjoy and think about.

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