It’s raining, it’s pouring….


In Nakhon you know when the rain is coming.  The merciless sun disappears and for a few hours being outside is bearable. The wind begins to pick up, tossing the navy skirts of the girls’ uniforms as they walk between classes, laughing with their friends. You can hear it first far off in the distance, bouncing off tin and tile, getting louder and louder until suddenly your inside the sound. And it’s raining.


Unlike my students I love the rain. Maybe it comes from growing up in a desert where rain was always a welcome novelty. Maybe because it’s a good excuse to stay home and bake something sweet. Wherever it is I love the rain- the intensity, the coolness, the way it gives everyone an excuse to stop running around and just hang out.




2 thoughts on “It’s raining, it’s pouring….

  1. great stop action photography! And yes, I understand how you feel about the rain. I also suspect it is a result of growing up in a desert. Rain is not threatening but life giving.

    • Rain and water is so two sided as it is life bringing it can also be very destructive. Floods, and tropical typhoons can be devastating. Taiwan just got hit by a the largest typhoon of the year and it is estimated that it will drop as much water in about three days as England will get in an entire year. And the winds will cause 50 foot waves. Amazing how things can be so good and bad.

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