Phrom Lok Waterfall

Our little town sits between the sea and a national park, making it the perfect place for us adventure loving types. šŸ™‚ So when we’re not away at Khanom beach or exploring other parts of Thailand, there is always a waterfall close to home to spend the weekend. This weekend it was Phrom Lok, a waterfall about an hours drive to the north. Ā Sitting two to a motorbike we sped passed houses with flower covered fronts and overcrowded shops. Mournful looking cows, with ropes threaded through their noses, were heckled by the chickens, strutting their freedom up and down the side of the road. Our bike may have complained a little as we made our way up into the mountains, but it was so refreshing to rise up out of the smells of civilization into the smells of nature. I’m not sure what is is about Thailand, but is seems like all sensory information is so much louder here- the colors, the tastes, the smells. Anyway.

While we were disappointed Ā that swimming in the actual waterfall was prohibited (there are whirlpools) the falls were beautiful. I love the rocky waterfalls of Thailand that fall and swirl across rock faces for several meters.






We found a thin forgotten path on our way back, took a little hike up the mountain and found the old boardwalk that, we assume, led to the top of the falls. On our way down we did find a place to swim a little ways down stream in a pool full of fish. A group of Muslim university girls laughed at Todd as he tried to catch the fish the circled and followed us through the water. I’m afraid we don’t have any pictures of them- they were a little camera shy without their veils on. Ā So you’ll have to be content with a few pictures of our little hike. – BH









2 thoughts on “Phrom Lok Waterfall

  1. I love your photography – so beautiful. Whoever is taking these photos should be a National Geographic photographer. You have missed your calling in life. It is so fun to see the places you are experiencing. I’m glad you got the camera.

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