Phrom Lok Wat and The strangest conversation I’ve had this month

On the way back from the waterfall I saw the layered roofs of the local wat inlaid with silver and and blue mirrors, a rare combination. We drove into the courtyard and were greeted by a very large pack of happy looking dogs. Monks holding rakes looked confused at the two white people parking their motorbike by the wall of their wat. Other monks ventured out, staring at us out of the corners of their eyes as to not be rude. Apparently word travels fast through the wat, because soon a monk with buddhist tattoos around his neck and swirling down his arm approached us. He asked in perfect English if he could be of any assistance. We told him our usual story- we are teachers in Nakhon, we came to see the waterfall and saw the wat- and he offered to take us around and show us inside the two temples.

The first wat was older and more traditional with beautiful painted panels.


The second was the sparkling building we saw from the road.




It was in this wat that we learned a little more about our guide as he escorted us inside and showed us around. Our conversation went something like this–

“Your English is very good”

“Thanks,” he replied. ” I’m from Koh Samui.”

“Ahh. Lots of Tourists there.”

“Yes,” he said lighting his incense and carefully playing it between his hands. He bowed before the Buddha 3 times before sticking the incense in the offering bowl. “I own a bar there

“A bar?”

“Yeah In Koh Samui. By the pier.”


“You should come visit it when you get the chance. It’s called rock bar. It’s by grandfather rock. Very famous.”

“Grandfather rock?”

“Yes, Rock is shaped like very big penis,”  he said as his finished his prayer with three more bows.

“Hmm,” I said trying to appear nonchalant at the absurdness of a monk talking about huge penis rocks and bars as he prays. “We’ll have to check it out.”

“Yes,” he said as he stood and walked towards the door. “I’m done here at the end of the month, you should come then.”



9 thoughts on “Phrom Lok Wat and The strangest conversation I’ve had this month

  1. Very funny. The topic of conversation does seem a bit at odds with the activity but it makes for a good story. The Wat itself is beautiful. Was the falls as nice?

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog and am loving it! My husband and I are 95% sure we are moving to Nakhon si Thammarat in April!! Loving all of your adventures, images, and stories. Hoping to have many like this ourselves 🙂 Would love to meet you guys when we get there!

    • Nice to meet you Chloe; do you know what school you will be teaching at? We will be in China for April but we would be happy to answer any questions or help you get set up here. We have really loved Nakhon, it has treated us well.

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