The Som Tum Man

On any given afternoon, while sitting in your living room, lethargic from the heat, with the fan going full blast, you hear from the street the welcome sound of a squeaky bike horn or a bell. This is the adult version of the ice cream man in Thailand, but as well as ice cream they sell fruit, sweets, coffee, iced drinks, roti, fried bananas, BBQ and som tum delivered fresh to your door.

Today was our lucky day. Just as we drove up we saw the neighbors rushing excitedly from their door with plates. The BBQ and Som Tum Man had arrived just in time for lunch. We quickly joined the crowd, grabbed our bowl (and camera), and added our order to the cue. So here for your viewing pleasure is our lunch from the Som Tum Man. Fresh made green papaya salad that was incredibly spicy and chicken BBQ marinated in traditional southern style with fresh turmeric root. And yes, it tastes as good as it looks.- BH









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