A Thai Meal

Hello! It’s been a while. During the month of October Thai public schools have a 4 week break, so we were off exploring north and central Thailand. We have since started our second semester teaching and we’re slowly returning to our pre-vacation life and habits. We also have over 1000 photos we are slowly working our way through, so we’ll be sharing with you a little of our holiday soon.

Today I would like to show you what a traditional Thai meal looks like. I get really excited about food, so it usually isn’t until after the meal that I even consider taking a picture of it, and by then it’s too late. But today I remembered to take the pictures when the meal was only half eaten (like I said, I get excited). So here today for your viewing pleasure- The traditional (half eaten) Thai meal. This meal in particular was our lunch during English training for school administrators.


There are 6 parts of the traditional Thai meal. A soup, a curry, a stir-fry dish, a chili dip and the vegetables that accompany it, and the base of it all- the rice. Ours also included a Thai omelet and a plate of local fruit for dessert. Everything, including the soup, is mixed and eaten with rice.


Our curry was a fish curry, though deboning a whole fish with a fork and spoon is not one of my strong points. It was delicious.


This is the stir fry dish- mixed vegetables with pork- and our soup- tom yum tale- or seafood in a broth infused with young ginger, lemongrass, and kaffir lime.


This is nam prik. While this food is generally not known at curry houses in the western world, nam prik is the most traditional of Thai foods. It is essentially a dip/ flavoring- a protein of shrimp paste, fish, or pork is pounded in a mortar and pestle with Thai herbs and chili. It was the base of the Thai square meal- providing the protein and flavoring for the rice and raw vegetables that accompany it. It doesn’t look like much but it’s very strongly flavored and very spicy.



One thought on “A Thai Meal

  1. You two make a great couple. Todd has always been my child who would eat – or at least try – anything and obviously you have that same quality. I’m glad you enjoy the Thai food. It would be sad if you did not since you are there.

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