Temple of Abandoned Body Parts

I started off the day very grumpy, much to Todd’s dismay. We were on vacation in Ayutthaya and, like many Southeast Asian vacations, this one started out with a severe stomach ache. Combined with a long bike ride on a badly tuned bicycle with the tell tale rhythmic squeak and a broken break, and you’ve got yourself a grumpy Bethany. Luckily the grumpiness began to subside, along with the gastronomical distress, as we parked our bikes and worked our way through the ruins, towards the ancient stupas towering in the distance.

Ayutthaya is a lovely little Thai town– people living and working among the ruins of the ancient Thai capital. Ancietly it must have been filled with statues paying homage to the buddha, but now abandoned stone body parts line every wall and path of the ancient ruins. Legs crossed in meditation, torsos, hands in traditional mudras, elbows, and knees; the head is sacred in Buddhism, so the heads are usually found grouped together nearest the shrine. We wandered through trying to find the largest foot, the most beautiful head, and the most complete statue. I took advantage of this oddity for pictures and spent a fair amount of time capturing the abandoned body parts of Ayutthaya. Here are a few favorites. – BH









2 thoughts on “Temple of Abandoned Body Parts

  1. Beautiful pictures. Maybe you could put a book together of all your pictures. I hope your vacation goes smoothly with little discomfort.

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