We Eat: Nettles and Microgreens

During spring I always have a hard time transitioning my cooking habits from the extravagance and richness of holiday cooking to the simplicity of spring and summer. One of the things that always helps me make the jump is the start of our local farmers market. Something about the care and effort that people put into growing their food reminds me of the elegance of simplicity and how much I enjoy eating unpretentious food. I also tend to eat simply and keep within our food budget when I have menus planned. I have started to organize our weekly menus around a theme Mon-Fri to make meal planning easier, so here is our plan for this week-

From the market I got: kale, arugala, stinging nettles, radishes, beets and greens, microgreen and flower mixture, yukon gold potatoes, asparagus, mint, parsley, rosemary, honey yogurt, eggs


Breakfasts: Morning glory muffins, quinoa and greens mini frittatas, yogurt with jam or honey and nuts, eggs and toast

Snacks: Nuts, Fruit, Homemade Larabars, Veggies and hummus.

Lunch/ Dinners (I make enough for 2 meals):

Saturday- Nem Nuong Cuon– Vietnamese grilled pork and herb summer rolls.

Sunday- roasted baby potato salad. Simple salad with beets and vinaigrette.

Monday(Asian) – fried rice with egg and veggies. Broth with kale and nettles.

Tuesday (Soup)- Turkey, french lentils, and nettles in a tomato based broth.

Wednesday (Italian/Mexican)- Arugula margarita pizza with tabbouleh style salad- fresh herbs, quinoa, and chickpeas in a lemony dressing.

Thursday (Abundance Bowl)- radish, egg, kale, brown rice, bacon, carrot, creamy garlicky dressing.

Friday (Grill)- Asparagus, zucchini, salmon. spinach and micro-green salad.

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