Temple of Abandoned Body Parts

I started off the day very grumpy, much to Todd’s dismay. We were on vacation in Ayutthaya and, like many Southeast Asian vacations, this one started out with a severe stomach ache. Combined with a long bike ride on a badly tuned bicycle with the tell tale rhythmic squeak and a broken break, and you’ve got yourself a grumpy Bethany. Luckily the grumpiness began to subside, along with the gastronomical distress, as we parked our bikes and worked our way through the ruins, towards the ancient stupas towering in the distance. Continue reading


Mu Koh Ang Thong

Mu Koh Ang Thong is a national park located about an hour and a half by boat west of Koh Samui. After a harrowing motorboat ride through the choppy water of the bay, we arrived the day after Christmas ready to snorkel and kayak our way through the archipelago. Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate and we were stuck for three days on the same island, yet it still ended up being a very relaxing vacation. We swam in the ocean and made sand castles, we hiked and explored the islands caves, we ate lots of tempura at the island restaurant, we took pictures, and we stared at the monkeys in the trees above our tent. I read crime thrillers while Todd played with his new Christmas watercolors. It turned out to be a great New Years.

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